Kick-Off Meeting on Virtual SEA Vocational-Technical Teacher Exchange Program (Batch 2)

Kick-Off Meeting on Virtual SEA Vocational-Technical Teacher Exchange Program (Batch 2)
15 March 2023, Time: 14:00-15:30 PM (Bangkok Time)

Dr. Songheang Ai Delivering Opening Remarks

SEAMEO TED virtually hosted a kick-off meeting on a virtual SEA vocational-technical teacher exchange program (Batch 2) on March 15, 2023, presided over by Dr. Songheang Ai, director of SEAMEO TED. This meeting was participated by School Principals/Representatives and Teachers from 8 SEA vocational-technical high schools namely Palapas National High School (the Philippines), Saint Francois General and Technical High School (Cambodia), Kampong Chheuteal High School (Cambodia), SMK Global Teknologi  (Indonesia), Kolej Vokasional Sungai Buloh (Malaysia), Keningau Vocational College (Malaysia), SMKM 2 MUHHAMADIYAH (Indonesia), and SMK TARUNA TERPADU2 (Indonesia).  The meeting was aimed to introduce and orientate technical-vocational teachers the process of virtual exchange programs (Batch 2). The ultimate goals of SEA vocational-technical teacher exchange program are 1) to exchange a variety of instructional approaches/methods between teachers and teachers; 2) to explore cross-cultural activities/norms; 3) sharing best practices of content, pedagogical, and technological knowledge; 4) enhancing networking opportunities for cooperation and partnership; and 5) getting good opportunities for teachers to do practicum activities. The exchange program will be conducted for some trades/subjects such as Construction Technology, Automotive Technology , Electrical Technology, Welding Technology , Health Optimizing Physical Education, Asian History, Earth and Life Science, Culinary, Empowerment Technology, English Language , etc.

Dr. Songheang Ai addressed the ultimate purposes of virtual teacher exchange program (Batch 2) and highlighted the achievement of the 1st Batch which was organized successfully last year. He strongly believed the program will bring the best outcome to all stakeholders such as students, teachers, and their schools for instructional and management work.

Orientation Session by Mr. Suong Saruon, Head of Public Relations and Partnership Division

Following the discussion, there have been 20 courses registered for the program. The schedule of each class will be flexible according to availability of teachers and students. The program will be started from early April 2023 virtually upon getting consensus from teachers. Students will be guided to register for each course via Google Form prior to March 31, 2023.

Q & A Session by the Participants

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