International Training Course on Effective Business

A training course on Effective Business Letter Writing Skills, SEAMEO TED in collaboration with Bina Insani University (Indonesia) was co-organized on 03, 10, and 17 April, 2021 virtually.

Professor, Adrianus Tri Gunadi, S.Pd., M.Si.,CTEFLA, was invited as the lecture showed participants with clear guidelines which was important to those who want to communicate for business purposes. He taught how to write the starting statement, body statement, and conclusion statement. He also shared some main outlines in writing an official business letter. Starting statement: At this point, a writer must clear with the receiver or who are receivers, and what is his/her position, company leader, company director or deputy director, and so on. In addition, the starting statement must tell the reader who the writer is and their purpose. Body statement: It must tell the reader with detailed information, simple words and all so flow logically to a natural conclusion. The phrases or sentences must write in active voice, avoiding passive voice sentences. If the letter is so long, the writer should write it in separate phrases or we can use bullets but make sure each point is written in parallel style. The writer should avoid using informal phrases or old paragraphs in the business letter. For example, avoid using the phrase “We cannot do anything about your problem” but we use this phrase instead “Unfortunately, we are unable to help you on this occasion”.  Close statement: The writer must state the actions expected from the reader because it will take a result of the detailed provider. The text was written must relevant to the content of its purpose or message.

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