National Webinar on Transforming Innovative Initiatives into Practices in Cambodia

SEAMEO TED, in collaboration with Vocational Orientation Department and Technical High Schools in Cambodia, co-organized a webinar on Transforming Innovative Initiatives into Practices on 18 May 2021 virtually. The webinar was aimed to share lesson-learned, good practices, and initiatives of selected technical high schools in Cambodia. Six (6) presenters who are instructors and students in the areas of technical trades were invited to share their knowledge, lessons- learned and good practices through their school and students’ project presentations in their schools in four important topics. 180 participants registered from various schools and positions- school management, instructor, and students across Cambodia.

The Opening Remarks was given by Mr. Rath Sara, Director of Vocational Orientation Department, MoEYS. He expressed his deep interest and encouragement to all speakers, participants, and school participants, and SEAMEO TED for making this webinar possible. He emphasized the technical education as priority areas of the Cambodian Government, especially for youth capacity skills development for social and economic development. He also discussed about the increasing demand of establishing more technical schools for providing accessible technical skills of high-market demanded to learners and some implacable policies and intervention done by the ministry to ensure the accessible quality of technical education in context of digital era and industrial revolution 4.0.

Speakers from Bavet General and Technical High School, Mr. Prum Theara (instructor) and Miss Soun Sreynich ( Year-3 student) presented on the topic: Automatic Irrigation System to the webinar. They highlighted the objectives of the project which is to raise awareness of using automatic irrigation system amongst Cambodian farmers, to help them grow better crops with greater harvest, and to promote using of automatic irrigation system in Cambodian agricultural field. They mainly emphasized how an innovative and automatic irrigation system is to all participants step by step. In addition, the relevant theories, project implementation, Discussion of Results, and conclusion and recommendation were presented.  

Presenters from General and Technical Education Demonstration High School Of Kampong Chheuteal, Mr. SAM THEARA (Deputy Director) and Mss Chheav Chhyneang (student) presented on the second topic: Comparison of Fish Growth Rate between Finished Food Feeding and Mixed Food Feeding. They offered an overall view and background of Kampong Chheutal High School. The presenters explained relevant theories, project implementation, Discussion of Results, and conclusion and recommendation of the project- Comparison of Fish Growth Rate between Finished Food Feeding and Mixed Food Feeding. She raised

Letter Control on LED Panel is the last topic in the webinar which was presented by Mr. Thoeun Punlork (instructor) and Mr. Sroeuy  Sarat (student) from Pouk General and Technical High School, Siem Reap. Firstly an introduction of the concept and objectives of their project were presented. They mainly  explained how to use HD2018 (Software) to build the system. Finally, presenters discussed about Important steps in building the overall system and hardware was showed and guided intensively in his presentation.

After the presentation of all topics Q & A session was opened by moderator by Mrs Chea Seanghoir. Remarkable, eight questions were raised by the participants to all speakers- 3 questions for speakers of the 1st topic, 2 for speakers of the 2nd topic, and other 3 questions for speakers of the 3rd topic. All questions had been responded by the speakers. Presenter shared their response and discussion to all of the stated questions.

The webinar’s closing remarks was given by Dr. Ai Soungheang, Director of SEAMEO TED. He expressed his deep thanks to all presenters and participants for their time and effort in making the webinar successfully ended with fruitful result.​ His special thanks went to Mr. Rath Sara, Director of Vocational Orientation Department, MoEYS who is always working hard to ease and support all technical high schools in order to development quality of making new innovations.

18 May 2021, Time: 09:00-12:00

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