Training Course on Bahasa Indonesia or Composition Bahasa Indonesian

SEAMEO TED in collaboration with Bina Instani University (Indonesia) co-organized a training course on Composition Bahasa Indonesian, which was held on 03, 10, and 17 April, 2021 virtually. This training was attended by 14 participants from Cambodia and the Philippines.

The course mainly focused on the Structure of Sentence, Affixation (Prefiks, Sufiks, Konfiks), and Practice. During the course, participants had an opportunity to learn some important structures of sentences, a series of words that create a sentence, and some basic affixation.

Participants were given the assignment to practice making some sentences using basic words for communication such as greeting and alphabet. Students were encouraged to write a few sentences given by the lecturer into Bahasa, change those sentences to be Negative and Interrogative form, then rewrite them into Bahasa, and rewrite some given material they have learned in this course in handwriting. From this course, all participants gained a lot of knowledge and experiences about “Composition Bahasa Indonesian” and they were committed to sharing them with their students and colleagues from three countries.

They were able to use Bahasa Indonesia at the end of the course.

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