Online Courtesy Meeting on Cooperation and Partnership Between SEAMEO TED and Tsinghua University

Phnom Penh: On November 7, 2023 at 9:00–9:30 am, there was an online courtesy meeting between Dr. Songheang Ai, Director of SEAMEO TED and Professor Youqiang Wang, Director of the International Innovation Center of Tsinghua University, China to seek cooperation possibilities between the two parties.

(Dr. Songheang Ai’s Introduction to SEAMEO TED Work)


To kick off the meeting, Dr. Songheang Ai, director of SEAMEO TED welcomed Professor Youqiang Wang to the meeting and provided brief introductions of SEAMEO TED. He briefly highlighted the three key tasks of SEAMEO TED covering public relations and partnership, research and development, and technical education and training working for vocational and technical high schools in the ASEAN region, including Timor-Leste. For capacity-building programs, SEAMEO TED concentrates on reskilling and upskilling technical education instructors, school management, and supporting administrators to catch up with technological innovation.

(Prof. Wang’s Response to Dr. Ai’s Introduction)


In response, Professor Youqiang Wang explored specific areas within TVET where collaboration could be mutually benefited and identified priority sectors or projects such as webinars, workshops, etc. He also added that different expertise, resources, and strengths tend both Tsinghua University and SEAMEO TED to complement each other in new initiatives. He was interested in implementing joint research projects, capacity-building programs, and considering the ways to facilitate student and faculty exchange programs. Dr. Ai initiated to have webinars or online training courses early 2024 as a starting point of cooperation.

In conclusion, both parties are committed to schedule the follow-up meetings or discussions any day upon initiating overlapping programs. Each party appointed a focal point of communication to exchange views and cooperation each other. Both parties welcomed each other for any visit to their organization.

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