SEAMEO TED’s Consultative Meeting on Year Strategic Plan

H.E. Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport led the meeting on the Revised first five-year strategic plan 2021-2026 on 16 October 2020.

SEAMEO TED had a consultative meeting with relevant departments under the presiding over by Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. It took placed on the date of 16th  October 2020 at MoEYS’s meeting room (A).  The discussion was made to collect further
inputs for improving the draft of the revised first five-year strategic plan (FY2021/2022-2025/2026) of SEAMEO TED. Some important points and activities which the meeting has suggested for TED’s implementation are as the following:

  • Defining the core roles, duties and responsibilities of the center based on the technical education framework, without overlapping the work and responsibilities of other relevant department;
  • Identifying the target schools for implementing the center’s activities and cooperate with relevant department and institutions including  KCIT and KSIT;
  • Defining the scope of work and priorities of the center clearly and precisely based on the human resources and budget limit in order to respond to the vision,mission, goals and strategies in the strategic plan;
  • Implementing activities that support sub-sectors and technical education programs in general and technical high schools, such as teaching coding, robotics, ICT and curriculum in the Industrial Revolution 4.0;
  • Emphasizing on institutional capacity
    building, structure organizing and capacity building of internal officials and self-reliant strategies.
  • Concerning on result based process and focusing on social inclusion and gender equity of Technical education

The draft consists of  seven (7) core strategies which SEAMEO TED proposed to ensure the effectiveness and relevant of the center operation for 5 years including (1) Reshaping regional and national cooperation and partnership with stakeholders for mutual benefits;  (2) Developing research competencies for informed decision making, policy formulation, journal publication, and conference presentation (3) Enhancing the function and promotional mechanism for technical education; (4) Improving technical education training programs for teachers, school management, and supporting administrators in response to the challenges; (5) Maximizing the professional development programs for staff growth; (6) Developing the policy and guideline framework supports to achieve technical education effectiveness; and (7)Promoting gender equity in technical education. The Draft of the Revised First Five Year Strategic Plan of SEAMEO TED was made based on of core strategies employing SWOT/TOWS analysis approach with a confirmation of importance-performance analysis (IPA) and some important processes.

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