Thai-German TVET Conference on Research Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Thai-German TVET Conference on Research Cooperation in Southeast Asia
25-26 September 2023, Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand

(Photo: Executive Members and Participants)

In cooperation with TU Dortmund University and other organizations, SEAMEO TED has co-organized Thai-German TVET Conference on Research Cooperation in Southeast Asia to be held in Bangkok, Thailand participated by nearly 150 regional and international participants in a purpose of strengthening TVET research competencies for young TVET researchers.  Most of the participant are young researchers, senior researchers/experts, and practitioners in the field of TVET. There were five keynote addresses, two panel discussion forums, six parallel sessions, and two special sessions.

Dr. Songheang Ai, director of SEAMEO TED has co-chaired parallel session 5 on Research on TVET in Southeast Asia. There were three research paper presentations from Cambodia, Laos PDR and Bangladesh to share their research results.

(Photo: Panel Discussion on TVET Research Experience and Challenges)


(Photo: Dr. Songheang Ai conferring the 1st place certificate)

On the last day (26 September) there was a forum on Young TVET Researcher Exchange. The forum was sorted into two parts: panel discussion on Knowledge and Experience in TVET Research and Research Poster Competition. Dr Songheang Ai, one of the three senior TVET researchers, was a panelist sharing his TVET research experiences and challenges during his Ph.D studies in South Korea from 2016 to 2020. Likewise, he was nominated to be a jury member to score 16 research posters from Thailand, Malaysia and China as part of research paper competition. After the paper presentation and gallery walks to each of the 16 research posters displayed on the flow charts, with reference to the satisfaction of participants on the 16 research posters, three jury members ranked the 1st place to research poster from Thailand, the 2nd place to research poster from Malaysia, and the 3rd place to the research poster from Malaysia. Finally, three jury members conferred outstanding certificates to each awardee.


(Photo: Three Jury Members and Three Awardees)

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